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Reno, Nevada, also known as the Biggest Little City in the World, is best known for its gaming and casino attractions. A little less-known fact is that Washoe County, where Reno is located, ranks second in automobile, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Reno car accident is a part of Reno’s popularity. A fast-growing population and heavy tourism contributes to Reno traffic and those odds may one day find you searching for a car accident lawyer Reno or an Personal Injury Lawyer Reno.

If you have hurt in car accident in Reno, have hurt someone else in a car accident or have been injured by a vehicle, your best bet is to consult with a car accident attorney Reno. Even if you are not sure you will need to hire a car accident lawyer, a consultation will help to assess your case.

In the world of car accident and personal injury situations, don’t gamble with your case especially when it involves dealing with insurance companies. If you think having insurance is enough protection, think again. Many times clients end up fighting not only the other parties’ insurance company but their own as well. Car accident lawyer Reno can help increase your odds at the negotiation table and help navigate the complex, frustrating bureaucracy that insurance companies tend to become when you need them most so that if all else fails and you find yourself in a courtroom, you will have your interests fully protected.Kilby is very professional car accident attorney Reno. Defend your rights with car accident attorney Reno. When you search car accident lawyer in Reno you will find Kilby Law the best option.

First, a lawyer will determine whether the value of your claim warrants the law firm’s services. Factors that determine this decision can include:

Whether there was an injured party
Whether there was a fatality
Who was at fault
Whether the injuries suffered are permanent or temporary
Whether the other party lives out of the state of Nevada
Whether the accident involved a government employee or government vehicle

If it is determined that your case merits the hiring of an attorney, then the injury lawyer Reno must build the best possible case by:

Calculating all present and future medical expenses
Obtaining police and eyewitness reports
Obtaining medical and job-related information
Navigating through legal protocol, statutes of limitation, insurance and liability issues
Navigating through special government procedures in cases involving government vehicles.

Robert Kilby will always build the best case so no matter if you find yourself at the negotiation table, plaintiff’s or defendant’s table, you can be assured that your rights and entitlements will be fully exercised.