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Today’s Students: Our Precious Commodity

education-lawIf your son or daughter is not receiving the education, services, and assistance necessary to move forward and make progress academically at his or her school, call us. A Reno education lawyer will give you a free and confidential consultation. We will sit down with you and explain the school’s rules and regulations, in addition to the rule of law in the state of Nevada, pertaining to your issue. We will look at the facts of the situation or incident and decide if it is a matter of federal or state law.

Abuse of children is an unconscionable act.  If a school employee has physically assaulted your child, you may sue the school district on the child’s behalf.  Schools are not immune and can be held accountable.  The Law Offices of Robert Kilby recently recovered $1,350,000 on behalf of two children with special needs.  Contact us if your child has been the victim of abuse.

If a student was injured on school property, or during a school sponsored activity at another location, the school may be held negligent and liable for damages resulting from pain and suffering. This would include medical bills, attorney fees, etc.

There seems to be more special needs students than ever these days. There are gifted students and students with learning disabilities who are discriminated against. Thankfully, there are laws set in place to protect their rights. Some students have physical disabilities, or come from impoverished backgrounds. English is a second language for many students. Federal and state law provides for students with special needs. Whereas, they are “entitled to special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs” according to the Department of Education.

It is important that an education attorney Reno have experience and lots of it. Young people are the future of our nation. If, by chance, we allow even one of them to be abused by the school system, we have done a great injustice to them, to our nation, and to ourselves. Our duty as parents, and as professional people, is to guide our students into their future with the same opportunities as every other student. All of our futures are at stake when we do not address the wrongs done in our schools.

Remember, education law protects students, no matter what race, gender, disability, special needs, or income status. No one is left out. Our attorneys will be forthright and honest with you regarding your case.

A Reno education lawyer at this firm is ready, willing, and able to examine the facts from your circumstance or incident, and if it is time to file a lawsuit, our firm will pursue justice and persistently seek a remedy for damages, even if it means going to trial for you. Call us. You’ll be glad you did.